Why accessibility matters?

We believe it is important to produce an accessible content not only because the legislation requires us to, but make it available and usable for everyone. In today’s world, inaccessibility of your content means you are losing the business and also denying help and excluding those with disabilities.

What is our solution?

We provide services that help you achieve and maintain accessibility goals and comply with standards like Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA..We can validate your documents, websites or applications to make sure you you meet these standards or you can request an evaluation report from our experts to help you better understand where you currently stand at meeting certain criteria. Knowing the issues can help you address accessibility problems. Remediate your documents by our accessibility team to achieve compliance by standards you are required to either by your government or third party companies. Training will help understand accessibility issues in this digital era we currently live in as well as overcome the gap in experience how people with disabilities perceive a digital content.

How we approach the problem?

By using modern tools and assistive technologies we ensure meeting latest standards and criteria out there. We combine automated tools with human interaction to give you best results at the lowest price. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly schedule the training session for you which can take place on-site, off-site or even remotely.

“The only disability is when people cannot see human potential.”

Debra Ruh