Why remediation?

We are aware of pitfalls that creating accessible documents may bring and we know it is demanding process to achieve document compliance. It is challenging to find one’s way in all the accessibility norms and guidelines out there. On the other hand accessible documents allow users of assistive technology software and devices to better comprehend the content. Defining underlying structure enables not only screen readers to convert text to speech but also reflow and resize the content to be better visible and suitable for smaller devices. Preset the tab order and you help users to complete the form comfortably.

What we remediate

Trust our accessibility experts to achieve Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA, compliance with your PDF documents.

How we remediate?

As a result of combining modern automated tools and manual effort with human inputs we are capable to make your documents accessible regardless of their complexity.

Some of the accessible PDF characteristics:

  1. Define document’s underlying structure elements
  2. Retain correct reading order
  3. Provide alternative text of graphical elements (images, tables, charts)
  4. Adjust color contrast for visual presentation of text and images to meet required ratio
  5. Preset tab order to allow navigatation among form fields

What is the result of remediation?

We will send you back the accessible document which will be checked by validator and assistive technology tools to show no signs of failures prior to handover. The document will be presented in unmodified state, as author intended, with additional accessibility characteristics. You will also obtain PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) report showing no errors.

PDF Remediation Process